20+ Perfect Summer Nail Art Designs Ideas To Beautify Your Hand

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Perfect Summer Nail Art Designs Ideas To Beautify Your Hand 01

It's summer, it's warm and you need a nail polish to match the weather and your mood. Which colors are you immediately drawn to? These are the best 5 nail polish colors for summer in my opinion. They are suitable for both the pool and the office, and you can find one to match your tastes no matter how tan or not you are. And if you can't choose, multicolor manicures are always popular in summer!

Bright Lime Green Do you want a color that screams sun and good weather? Lime green is your answer. Neon colors pop against a tan and look great on holiday pics. Green in particular suits both colder and warmer skintones and should be part of your summer nail polish wardrobe.

Metallic Gold Or Silver If you don't like the idea of wearing jewelry to the pool or the beach, let your nails take its place instead. A bright metallic gold works great for warm and tanned skins, whereas paler or cooler complexions will look great with a silver or chrome manicure.

White Nail Polish If there is a time to wear a white manicure, it is summer. But if white is too much for you, you can also combine it with other summery hues such as the neon green or coral we mentioned earlier. Get yourself a nail stamping kit and white stamping polish and enjoy low-effort nail art.

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