20+ Top Summer Outfits Ideas That You Need To Have

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Dressing well in summer sounds uncomfortable, intimidating, and almost impossible. How does one dress well when comfort is the top priority? Well, the trick is to have a few key pieces in your wardrobe and mix and match them to perfection. Yes, it's perfectly possible to make different outfits out of just shirts, shorts and shoes. Here are the pieces you'd need.

A Well-Fitted Polo Shirt A men's polo shirt can be one of the most versatile garments, particularly during summer. The polo is comfortable, breathable, and looks stylish with everything, from trousers to shorts. The proper fit should hug your form without looking too tight. That said, you must also avoid smaller sizes, since they can end up looking out of proportion.

A Linen Shirt In summer, comfort should always be the priority. And few fabrics are as comfortable as linen. A linen shirt is a summer must-have, since it is light and breathable. Yes, it does wrinkle easily, but all you have to do to maintain a linen shirt is regular ironing.

Well-Fitted Shorts While cargo shorts for men work for those who like to keep their pockets stuffed, the trend now is to wear fitted, slimmer shorts. They look stylish, are more comfortable, and better pair with your polos and shirts. A little higher than the knee is where shorts are worn these days, giving a smarter look.

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