20+ Popular Girls Party Hairstyle Ideas That Girl Need To Try

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I love a party and love the process of getting ready just as much! If you have medium length or long hair then here are some really foxy party hairstyles that are so easy to do and only take a few minutes!

Party Beach Waves - Condition your hair and use a smooth blow dry cream and a curl creation lotion to define waves. Then rough dry your hair using hands to get natural texture and to give roots lift as well as aiding it to dry quicker. To bring out any curl that is already in the hair and to define natural texture take a section of hair and twist it from root to end and dry with a hair dryer. After, take medium tongs and rope wind hair in random sections hair around the tongs, moving tongs up and down to release any fine hairs so it doesn't look too smooth. Repeat the process until you have done the whole head of hair and you should be left with a real summer surf girl party look!

Ponytail Party Hair - Straighten your hair with tongs then make a ponytail at the middle of the back of your head leaving a middle parting and a section from the crown to the back of the head at each side. Take one of the side sections and spray it. Then twist the section and wrap it twice around the base of the pony tail and hold firmly with a grip. Repeat on the other side, then tease the hair that is left from the twisted sections that have been wrapped around the ponytail, back combing it until it looks funky. You are now ready to party!

Party bun without clips! - Gather your hair into a ponytail at the back of your head, in the centre. Make sure it is not too tight. Hold it with your left hand and then place your right hand behind your head and turn your palm upward and then grip your palm around the ponytail, as this will give you the direction you need. Then use this right hand grip to twist the ponytail in a clockwise direction and wrap the hair around and around like a bun and tuck the loose ends in. Now take some hair near the top right hand corner of the bun that is pulled back against the head and gently pull up and over the bun whilst gently pushing the bun underneath it. Voila, a simple, chic and stunningly elegant party look without any clips or fuss!

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