27 Adorable Birthday Party Outfit Ideas For Your Special Moment

Kids of the modern times will not be generally happy with simple birthday parties that include a cake, a classic game and an ice cream. If you have the financial means, you can opt for various ways to entertain your child by organizing extravagant events at venues like play gym etc. But the tips mentioned here are budget friendly options which are creative and will help your child and his friends to have a good time at the birthday party, without burning a hole in your pocket! Prior to zooming in on any birthday party idea, figure out an approximate and realistic budget, so that you can handle the financial aspects without any hassles.

For toddlers, you could opt for a stuffed animal birthday party or a teddy bear party wherein all the children will be asked to get their favorite stuffed animal or teddy bear toys. You could arrange some comfortable cushions and picnic blankets for each child, where they can sit with their soft toy friends. Keep a big picnic basket with cute outfits for the teddy bears, which you can purchase for a reasonable amount from a local craft store. Include games involving teddy bears like ‘pin a tail on the bear game’ or coloring sheets with bear theme etc. You can include any interesting game that will catch the attention of these toddlers. Serve a visually appealing and tasty bear cake along with gummy bears, to match the theme of the party. And voila! Your birthday party is a hit! This simple yet fun-filled party will cost very less too.

For young children below the age of 10, an interesting birthday party idea is the storybook character party. The host could ask their guests to come dressed as their favorite characters in the storybook and you could include games to match the theme. You could even make a game of creating book jackets with the favorite stories or characters of children using journals and heavy-duty construction papers and stickers. Children will enjoy this as they get the feeling of creating their own books! Make them list out a cute bio data at the back covers of the books about each “Author”. It will be fun to read! Even keeping a book exchange program of gently used books is a good idea and each child will leave with a custom handcrafted book as well!

A craft birthday party is a great idea for twin girls. All you have to do is buy some items like unpainted pottery, T-shirts, bags, picture frames and wooden trinket boxes. Any item bought should be as plain as possible and you could supply some paints, fabric, sparkling glues and any other decorative items. You could use ideas from finding out the interest of your child and it is another fun time if you take your child together shopping for the things that you may need. You will have to make minimal investment for these items and kids will have fun in creating some special craftwork with a touch of their own individual style.


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