46 Marvelous Winter Wedding Bouquet Ideas That You Should Try

If couples planning for a wedding ceremony in winter season, then winter wedding bouquet is the utmost essential for them. People get confused every time, when they look around a bridal bouquet. At such time, they can take help of a florist who can relieve them from the anxiety of getting the right winter bridal bouquets. Even people can select bouquets that are specifically made for the winter weddings. They are unique, because it represents the end season of a year. It reflects winter season and it helps enhance the bride’s beauty.

Beautiful winter wedding bouquets can truly, make the look of brides additionally more gorgeous on their wedding day. By having a wisely chosen winter bridal bouquet in hands, bride’s face blooms naturally irrespective of cold season. Therefore, it is considered to select a bouquet that suits to the bride and bridegroom’s personality.

How to Select Winter Bridal Bouquets:

It is to be remembered that while choosing winter bridal bouquets, it is advisable to have winter accents. In order to make beautiful winter wedding bouquets so elegantly, it is necessary to consider these winter accents such as pine cones, baby’s breath, berries, holly leaves and others. Winter blossoms constitute lilies, freesias, hydrangeas, poinsettias and even roses. Combine these winter flowers with accents and it is assured that the individuals will get an attractive wedding bouquet.

The shapes of the wedding bouquets are actually dependent on the style that people desire to present. If people want to have formal appearance, then Cascade bouquet would be a best choice. Similarly, if people desire to have casual appearance, then winter wedding hand-tied bouquets would be more suitable. In recent days, hand-tied bouquets are gaining popularity due to its casual look.

Colors too play a significant role in winter flowers. Winter colors such as red, gold, silver, green and white, sometimes blue as well are considered as winter color. Match these colors with the color of bride’s gown and definitely, the wedding would be unforgettable for them. If brides are wearing a white outfit, a bridal bouquet with combination of white and red simply will add elegance to their beauty. Gold winter wedding bouquets are more appropriate, if brides desire to wear ivory or cream wedding outfits. The gold likely adds some dazzle to wedding outfit making the brides glorious.


Below mentioned are the some of the ideas for having a winter bridal bouquets:

  1. Attempt something simple however elegant. Combine white colored calla lilies with red roses to make it more attractive and beautiful.
  2. If people desire to have winter wedding bouquets entirely white, then it is suggested to mix narcissi, seeded eucalyptus, some hydrangeas and white tulips together.

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