40 Top Wedding Makeup Ideas For Redhead To Try Right Now

If you are a red head and fair skinned, keep your make up as natural looking as possible and use makeup that would highlight your features and give you a healthy glow. Having red hair naturally presents a look of warm skin, but it sometimes makes you look too pink. Use makeup that has more earthy tones or are gold based.

Neutral Foundations
Use foundation bases that are neutral or beige. Avoid using pink tones that will make you look paler or olive tones that can make you look sick. The second lightest shade of Ivory of the Mary Kay makeup cream to powder line is excellent. For those who prefer not to wear makeup, Clinique Superfit Makeup is able to cover wrinkles, flaws, blotches and gives one of the best coverage. It also has a yellowish-base tone product that can be easily be blended into your skin.

Use Soft Blush makeup
A red head can look dramatic and vibrant if you use a soft blush in a reddish-brown shade. If you have peaches and cream complexion, try using blushes that come in very soft pink, sheer pale pinks or sheer peaches. Kevyn Aucoin powder blushes has a nice collection of peaches and pale pink blushes. You can also dust a little gold on your cheek bones to make you look vibrant.

Eye Shadow for Blue Eyes
Keep your blue eyes glowing with neutral brownish colors that can contrast your pale skin. Neutral eye shadow shades look casual but polished. Soft pastels in lilacs, a nice bronze shadow, mid-browns, rich chocolates and champagnes can be used for everyday wear, while greens, plums, and blue shades give a more dramatic look.

Eye Liner
You can put a shimmery bronze or copper eye liner like those of Merle Norman Goldspice or Urban Decay Baked liner to make your eyes light up. Also try the Almay eye shadow Intense I-Color. Their color collections for liners, eye shadows, and mascara can enhance your eye color. The Glimmers collection of Bare Escentuals has a good selection.

Use dark brown or red brown colored mascara and avoid using black. Brown enhances the blue color of your eyes and gives your mascara a softer look in contrast to your red hair. If you are strawberry blonde, use light brown shades.

Bronzer makeup
If needed, use a bronzer or concealer under your eyes. One of the best is Physician’s Formula’s Ice Green concealer blended with a darker concealer shade.

Find a lipstick color that blends well with you skin tone. For your lips, try soft peachy pink, orange reds, peaches, and nudes. Define your lips with a nude lip pencil adding a little stila peach shine gloss. Avoid using hot pinks and bloody reds on your lips. For a polished look, you can try a berry stain on the lips.

When you apply face makeup, you need not match your hair color. Try experimenting with color blends and shades that you feel make you look healthy, vibrant and glowing. Try to play around with tones and colors that can give you a new look that you are comfortable with.

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