Excellent Holiday Dress Ideas That You Will Totally Love39
Excellent Holiday Dress Ideas That You Will Totally Love39

45 Excellent Holiday Dress Ideas That You Will Totally Love

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When the holidays roll around, so does the stress of what to wear. During the holiday season there are a lot of parties, receptions and dinners. Sometimes formal wear is expected and it can be difficult to figure out whether you need several outfits, or just one to wear everywhere.

Fortunately, there are some strategies you can employ to make your holiday dressing just a little easier. Planning your holiday wardrobe ahead of time will help reduce stress and let you get your wardrobe shopping done ahead of time. All you need to do is follow the tips given here.

Look at What You Already Own There is no need to spend a huge fortune on holiday clothing. You can probably use some of the items that are already in your closet and add some festive accessories to make them look new. If you have a nice red or green blouse, for example, you might add a pair of earrings or festive necklace from the current season to make a classic blouse current. Pair this with a nice black skirt or pair of slacks to complete the look.

Holidays are A Great Time for the Classics The holidays are a great time for the classic little black dress. Do not be tempted by trendy holiday outfits, as you will not be able to wear them next season. Instead dress classically for the holidays and feel good about spending a little on some great trendy accessories.

Choose Versatile Clothing When you are buying a new holiday outfit, avoid making it too holiday specific. A dress with an embroidered Santa can only be worn during Christmas, and chances are you will not want to wear it to every single party, so it would get very little use. A smarter option would be to look for separates in holiday colors that can be worn together or with something completely different. This expands their versatility outside of the holiday season. A burgundy sweater will look great with jeans anytime or combined with dark green pants works ideally for Christmas or Thanksgiving.

Go Light with the Brights While a brilliant red shirt combined with a bright green skirt might be in the holiday spirit, it also looks over the top. Instead, if you are going to wear shimmering or bright colors wear only one bright color. If they are in your color palette, the jewel tones look great for the holidays. If you are not comfortable with shimmering fabrics and bright colors, do not feel you have to include them in your holiday wardrobe. Add a little shimmer or brightness with your accessories or not at all. Be holiday specific with your fabric; velvet or burnt velvet will always get you compliments on your holiday outfit without the flash.

Avoid Going Too Skimpy If you are going to an office party, be careful not to show off too much skin. A scoop neck dress or a slightly lower neckline on your blouse might be fine, but save the plunging necklines and cleavage baring dresses for your own parties.

Test Drive Your HolidayClothes If you are going to go short or low be sure to give these outfits a test run before the big evening. Also if you have not worn an outfit since last year, try it on before the big night. Do not pop on an outfit for the first time before you run out the door to an important function. At least wear it around the house the day before to see if it stays in place as you move, if it pulls anywhere, or if it gets too short when you sit down. This ensures that your dress supports you at your big event. The more confident you feel about your outfit, the more comfortable you will be and the more fun you will have.

Choose Comfortable Clothes Holiday parties and family gatherings are often long and can be somewhat socially awkward, so it is key to wear something comfortable. Do not tell yourself you will be all right in those high shoes or too tight bra. Being uncomfortable does not look good on anyone. Holiday dressing should not be stressful, so make sure you read these tips and then do your clothing shopping nice and early . . . you will not regret it. With the right selection, you will have some lovely new clothes to use all winter long, holiday or no holiday. Pick up some cute, festive accessories and you will have just the right amount of holiday cheer in your wardrobe.

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