Amazing Color Combinations Ideas For Winter Weddings To Try36
Amazing Color Combinations Ideas For Winter Weddings To Try36

36 Amazing Color Combinations Ideas For Winter Weddings To Try

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When it comes to winter weddings, many couples choose to follow the traditional color combinations of red and green; however, there are numerous unique combinations that can honor the winter season without following the traditional use of hues related to that of Christmas or Valentines’ Day. However, you can use these traditional palettes as sources of inspiration for your color scheme.

When combined with your personal preferences, you can create a hue theme that is fresh and inspiring. First and foremost, you are going to need to ask yourself what your favorite holiday colors are. Will these work with the date or holiday you have chosen?

Your choices for combinations will only be limited by your imagination. For example, for a Christmas wedding, you might want to consider a monochromatic red scheme for a Victorian feel. With this type of theme, rich hues of red eventually bleed into pastel pinks.

This holiday motif could also work for a Valentine’s Day wedding. When choosing a color palette, you will also need to consider the types of flowers you would like to include in your wedding. For example, you could build a color scheme of silver, white, and lavender around the use of white poinsettias.

In order to choose a palette that will complement one another nicely, you should employ the use of a wheel. When two hues sent opposite each other, they provide unique and classic combinations. For example, on a the wheel, red and green are considered complementary colors.

However, you can individualize this color combination by choosing shades (darker colors) or tints (lighter colors) that would look lovely with one another. Monochromatic color schemes, such as navy blue fading to pale blue, can often be combined with metallic colors, like silver and gold, to crate unique combinations.

If you choose to work with a color combination of intense colors, then less is going to be more. The dark color should be used as the focal color, but accent colors can be used to frame the main color. Accent colors can be chosen using the color wheel, or an individual can substitute the use of neutral colors.

The list of neutral colors includes white, gray, black, beige, and metallic. For example, if you would like to have a wedding that honors Hanukkah during the winter season, you could choose a sapphire blue as your primary color with accent colors of silver or lavender.

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