50 Delicate Bridal Shower Food Menu Ideas That Will Inspire You

Is the menu you decide on for a bridal shower really important? Well, opinions differ; but to many attendees at a shower, the food happens to be considerable cause for celebration. Special bridal shower food can really perk up the proceedings (food can perk up any proceedings if you think about it).

The problem with putting a menu together for bridal shower food is that like at a wedding, the guests you get are hardly people from the same kind of background. There are young and old people, people from different ethnic and religious backgrounds, and so on. At least at a wedding everyone knows what to expect – there’s a definite preplanned trajectory things take. A bridal shower is more casual and people expect to be catered to in a way they would approve.

Basically, as it has to be with any party these days, you need to plan for variety of food to cater to more than one kind of taste, and you have to make sure that for people with allergies to things like peanuts and strawberries, there is always something around to eat.

Usually, bridal shower food themes tend to verge on the fun and the casual. For instance, an array of finger foods can quickly loosen a party up. You get to have a greater range of options with finger foods, all while keeping costs down. Think deviled eggs, mini quiches and meatballs. Since finger foods tend to be unfussy and inexpensive, you could have a bunch of stuff for just about every taste – vegetarian, vegan, allergy-prone and so on.

The great thing about all of these kinds of food is that you don’t need a formal mealtime during the wedding shower to serve these. With an unfussy twenty or so kinds of foods spread out on various serving surfaces through the duration of the party, you can really turn satisfaction levels up a notch.

If you’re in charge of the shower food, you probably will not be forgiven if you leave the sweet foods out. And first on your list that way should be the shower cake (frosting is not optional). Chocolate dipped strawberries, cupcakes, cookies and a fondue would completely belong.

And finally, while alcohol should of course be off-limits for a baby shower people expect it at a bridal shower. For a bridal shower alcohol should be the only food (food?) capable of competing with finger foods in an ability to turn a party fun. Wine, sangria and punch can bring little kick to the proceedings that would be completely welcome.

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