48 Delightful Tropical-Themed Winter Wedding Ideas To Try Asap

Does getting married in the winter months mean giving up the dream of a tropical theme wedding? Not necessarily! Destination weddings are always an option for a winter beach wedding, and it is also possible to create a wedding with a tropical flavor right in your own hometown. These are some fun ideas for tropical winter weddings.

The ultimate in a tropical winter wedding would be a destination wedding to a sunny resort. In the coldest winter months, places like Florida and the Bahamas will not be warm enough to ensure true beach weather, so plan to head further south. One great bet is Aruba, which has average highs well into the 80s or 90s all year round. Other places with warm beach weather in the winter months include Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and any of the resorts in the Southern hemisphere. If an intimate destination wedding sounds good, you will have plenty of great options.

For a destination wedding in the winter, the bride can essentially plan it like any summer beach wedding, since after all, it will feel like summer where you are headed. A flowy organza or chiffon wedding dress worn with a simple veil will be gorgeous. The great news is that bridal salons do not follow seasons, so you can order a summer weight bridal gown at any time of the year. Finding off the rack bridesmaid dresses in summery fabrics like chiffon may be a bit trickier, but they should definitely be available to order. A tropical pearl necklace made of unique keshi or coin pearls is the perfect bridal jewelry. The bride can carry a bouquet of tropical flowers in bright colors like fuchsia or orange.

If you choose to have a beach theme wedding at a cold weather site near your hometown, the key is to totally transform the space. You need to make your guests forget that outside is cold and snowy by creating a tropical paradise inside the venue. A great place to start is by renting potted palm trees. Your guests will instantly get into the island spirit when they enter a room lined with palms. The trees could even be used to line the aisle of the ceremony site so that the bride can walk down an aisle with a beachy flavor.

Bright colors and tropical flowers will also help to transform a venue into a mid-winter island paradise for your wedding. The great news is that some of the flowers which are readily available during the winter months come from the tropics or have a tropical feeling. Showy white flowers such as white amaryllis and even white poinsettias are easy to come by in the winter (stay away from the red varieties, which will look too Christmasy). Bring in bright color with hot pink and orange lilies, and use beachy accents like palm fronds and beach grass in the bouquets and centerpieces.

There are many other ways to create a tropical theme wedding in a winter setting. Attire always sets the tone, so the bride should wear a beachy wedding dress with a pearl necklace and earrings made from tropical style pearls. The wedding invitation should clearly state that the wedding is a tropical theme and invite guests to attend in their favorite summer wedding outfits to avoid a clash between the tropical feeling of the wedding decorations and the attire of the guests. Be sure to keep the reception room warm enough so that all the ladies in their summery dresses will feel comfortable. A steel drum band, island flavors like pineapple, and a wedding cake decorated with tropical flowers will help to complete the transformation of a winter wedding venue to an island paradise. Your guests will leave your tropical theme winter wedding feeling like they have just come back from a fabulous beach vacation!

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