40 Gorgeous Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Using Wine Bottles

Many couples are looking for unique wedding themes to set their special day apart from everyone else’s. As a bride the last thing you want to hear on your wedding day is one of your bridesmaids saying “this is just like my wedding”. From personal experience it isn’t very nice. To help set your wedding apart, you can incorporate a theme and decorate accordingly. Some couples like to go all out and turn their day into a beach party or a Halloween costume ball. If you’re looking for something more subtle, decorating with a wine theme is a wonderful way to add originality and elegance to your wedding day.

There are many options and your choice may depend on how much you have budgeted for decorations. A great way to incorporate a theme is with your table centerpieces, which can be as unique as you are. One centerpiece option is to have a bottle of wine gently cradled by a towel in a handsome wine bucket. You can top it off with a ribbon or bow to let your guests know that the centerpiece is for taking home and not for immediate use.

Another wine themed centerpiece option is to place a bottle or two of homemade wine in a basket with a small assortment of crackers and fruit. This centerpiece can have a more casual appearance depending on the basket you choose. To really personalize it, add your engagement photo to the wine label with a special thank-you message.

If you don’t want to actually include bottles of wine in your centerpieces, you can use wine glasses instead. Look for wine glass candles or use floating candles in oversized wine glasses for a romantic appearance. The glasses can be placed on a metallic charger plate or tray, with flower petals or shells scattered around them. If you don’t want to light the candles in the wine glasses, consider having a larger candle in the center of the arrangement which will be lit during your reception. Be sure to check with your reception hall regarding their candle policy since some halls don’t allow candles with an open flame.

As an added touch to any of these centerpiece ideas, you can continue the wine theme with your wedding favors. There is a huge assortment of wedding favors available that would be perfect for this theme. They include bottle openers, bottle stoppers, coasters, and grape placecard holders. All of these are practical gifts that can be used by your guests long after your wedding, and all of which will remind them of you.

Make your wedding unique! Finding a good venue or hall for a wedding can be tough and there is a possibility that your wedding could be in the same place that one of your friends chose for her own wedding. Picking a theme for your wedding is a great way to show just how original you and your partner are.

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