Astonishing Makeup Ideas For Black Women That Makes Her Look More Pretty21
Astonishing Makeup Ideas For Black Women That Makes Her Look More Pretty21

39 Astonishing Makeup Ideas For Black Women That Makes Her Look More Pretty

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African American women find it especially hard to get the art of applying make-up right. This is not for any lack of skill or technique, but primarily because they have trouble finding products that match the tone of their skin. For a very long time, Afro-American women were trying to make do with make-up products that were designed especially for white skin. Things have changed now as there are several companies that have launched exclusive make-up products for the black women.

Whatever the range of products there might be out there for women with dark skin, you cannot begin unless you have identified the shade or the undertone of the skin. So, let’s start there.

Understand the Tone of your Skin

To say that all Afro-American women have ‘dark colored’ skin is as ridiculous as saying that there is only one red color. All colors have shades and so do brown and beige. You have to begin by identifying your skin tone in order to choose the right kind of make-up for yourself. Broadly speaking, black skin can be categorized into three types – dark, medium, and light. Apart from this, there are also undertones to your skin, which could be cool, neutral, or warm.


The best foundation is the kind that blends with the tone of your skin and makes it look even. What type of foundation you buy will depend entirely on what you are most comfortable using. You can choose from among liquid, stick, cream, or powder foundations.

Clean and moisturize your face before you apply the foundation. Apply the foundation evenly onto your face and neck with either a cosmetic sponge or your fingers, blending it into the skin with downward strokes.


You won’t need a concealer if you have a flawless skin. However, if you feel the need to hide blemishes, choose a concealer that is one shade lighter than the tone of your skin. You don’t need to apply the concealer to your whole face, just your problem areas, after which, you spread it with the help of your fingers, or a make-up brush. After the concealer is applied, dust your face gently with loose powder, so that it gets a smooth appearance.

Eye Makeup

What color eye shadow you wear will depend on what time of the day you are wearing it. If you are dressing for work, you will find neutral shades to be the best choice. Along with the time of day, you will also need to match your eye shadow to your skin tone.

If you’ve got medium-brown skin tone, gray, mauve, and brown, will look great. For black women with slightly darker skins, colors like violet, navy blue, and chocolate would be perfect. For day time, apply a very light coat of eye shadow, whereas for nights, it should be a darker and a heavier coat.


This is one area where black women can make some bad choices regarding the color. Peach, pinks, red, and orange look a lot better on a lighter skin tone, not a dark one. For your skin, browns and coppers would be the best choice.

The key to applying the blush well is in using a good brush. While it is typically applied on the cheeks, blush can also be used on the neck, chin, and forehead, though, only lightly.

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