Inexpensive Parisian Style Ideas For Women Look More Beautiful41
Inexpensive Parisian Style Ideas For Women Look More Beautiful41

41 Inexpensive Parisian Style Ideas For Women Look More Beautiful

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Parisian women are internationally known for their impeccable style, flair and savoir-faire when it comes to fashion. The French lead the way with influential designers and fashion trends. As business women, we can learn a lot from the French and incorporate much of their style into our professional wardrobe. As a matter of fact, we can have fun with our style while maintaining a professional look that is workable for any industry or profession!

Listed below are a few tips that any business woman can use to upgrade their wardrobe from ordinary to tres chic:

Ebony and Ivory

Black and White is classic, neat, clean and a year round look that is flattering to every body type, skin and hair complexions. Whether you are wearing a crisp white cotton shirt and black crepe pants under a matching jacket, you can still give off a confident and professional look. Black and white is very easy to accessorize with flattering pieces such as: a black leather watch band, pearl earrings and necklace set, small beaded jewelry, silk neck scarf or a broach/pin. You can even add a hint of color in your accessories to make a subtle fashion statement. Black and white patterns in the workplace are becoming increasingly popular. Patterns such as hounds tooth, plaids and polka dots can even be found in accessories such as purses, wallets, watches, hair accessories, belts and umbrellas. The great thing about black and white combinations is that you can dress it up for corporate days or dress it down for casual Friday.

Higher Ground

One fantastic way to upgrade an outfit is to wear heels. Not suggesting stiletto heels similar to runway supermodels, but moderate height heels of 1 ½ inches – 2 ½ inches. Benefits of wearing heels include an elongated silhouette which makes a woman appear taller and slimmer. You can also purchase shoes in a ½ inch larger than usual for comfort and insert insoles for support. Also, you can remain conservative by wearing shoes in basic colors of black, brown, gray or navy. Add style to your shoes by wearing sling backs, snake skin or crocodile embossed, patent leather or peep toe styles with stockings. These styles are not too flashy but add a hint of elegance to any ensemble.


Another practical way to enhance your business wardrobe is to simply switch out basic pieces to highlight your outfit. For example, when wearing a business suit, switch out the common long sleeved button down shirt for a silk patterned blouse. The silk material softens the look and the pattern in the blouse adds sophistication to the suit. Instead of wearing straight cut trousers, switch them out for a wide-leg or boot-cut pant. It is flattering to all body types and creates a good balance for all figures. Instead of carrying a black leather briefcase, switch it out for a sleek tote or work bag.

These helpful and practical tips can turn a regular outfit into a look from a high fashion magazine. Business women can look stylish and remain conservative and professional in their career attire. The main point is to present the image of comfort and confidence in your style of dress!

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