Elegant Snow Outfit Ideas For Feeling Comfort When Snow Coming29
Elegant Snow Outfit Ideas For Feeling Comfort When Snow Coming29

36 Elegant Snow Outfit Ideas For Feeling Comfort When Snow Coming

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West-coasters don’t have it so bad, but for all the Northeastern and Midwestern fashion lovers, snow can be a serious wardrobe inhibitor. Snow is cold, wet and in an urban area, it can get pretty gross from pollution, car exhaust and general city grime.

So how do you take on the challenge of dressing for snow and still looking cute? Our fashion school experts have put together a list of some serious fashion must-haves for snowy weather, so you can stay warm, well-dressed and protected from the elements during the winter season.

1. Earmuffs. In the middle of a snowy winter blizzard, you’ll find that even in the warmest jacket, long underwear and boots, your face and ears will still be cold. That’s why a true snow-bunny should get herself some warm earmuffs to rock during the winter season. Luckily, earmuffs are not only warm, but increasingly stylish. You can find leather earmuffs that go over the head with fancy, warm fur on the actual ear-pieces. Another good thing about the earmuff trend is that if you have little ear-bud headphones for your mp3 player, the muffs will keep the headphones in place underneath them!

2. Snow pants. On the extra-freezing, snow-ridden winter days, wearing jeans or slacks won’t always cut it. Cotton-based pants are very breathable, so they won’t always keep you warm enough. Denim gets wet really easily, and then takes an exceedingly long time to dry. For a day like this, you need snow pants to keep you warm, snug and safe from the freezing cold snow and ice. However, many people avoid snow pants and opt to be cold in a more stylish outfit. But guess what? Snow pants don’t always have to be bulky and ugly. Get a pair of well-fitting ski pants in a cool color, and everyone will envy your dual warmth and standout-style choice.

3. Rubber boots. Winter is the season of boots, and on the streets of New York City, you can spot boots everywhere you go in the snowy season. Knee-length, over-the-knee, ankle-length, booties, heeled, flat, leather, suede or plastic, a Northeastern city’s inhabitants will sport every type of boot known to man. However, leather and suede will get water damaged during a snowstorm, and they are liable to get soaked through, all the way to your feet inside your socks. That won’t keep you warm at all! For the harshest days of winter snow, only rubber, Wellington-style boots will do. Rubber boots virtually made for snow. They are easy to clean, sturdy, waterproof and best of all, the rubber soles will have optimal traction, so you’ll be safe from slippery ice slicks on the streets. Best of all, they are totally cute! Getting a pair of rubber Wellies will totally bring back the angelic, little kid feeling, of stomping in puddles and piles of snow. That way, you can re-live your childhood days AND stay protected from the elements.

Dressing for snow definitely takes more thought than just throwing on the first thing you see in your closet. However, it can be done smartly and stylishly, especially with these tips on must-have accessories. Special thanks to fashion school experts for their ideas on winter-chic style.


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