Astonishing Ascot Tie Ideas For Amazing Mens Style That Will Inspire You19
Astonishing Ascot Tie Ideas For Amazing Mens Style That Will Inspire You19

44 Astonishing Ascot Tie Ideas For Amazing Mens Style That Will Inspire You

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I absolutely would sport an ascot if I were male. Limited men’s choices in formal wear call for setting yourself apart by wearing an ascot. These are some tips for looking great while wearing your ascot:

When to wear an ascot with your outfit. Ascots are primarily worn on formal occasions. Worn in the late nineteenth century, ascots originate from England. Ascots got their name from England’s Royal Ascot racetrack. The ascot is a version of the dressier cravat that men wore in the beginning of the nineteenth century. The contemporary ascot is relatively comfortable to wear as compared to the cravat which was starched to stiffness and done up into a complicated knot.

Material. Almost any fabric can be used to make an ascot. Try to get a fabric that matches to the suit you will wear with it. A wool or cashmere blend in the wool suit is appropriate, when you are wearing it with your Ascot. When you are wearing a suit made of lighter weight material, your ascot should be made of silk or a blend.

Color tones. Ascots offer a great chance to add a touch of vibrant hue to any outfit. Have pink on your mind if you are flamboyant.

Tying the knot. For the people who have trouble assembling an ascot, there are some that have velcro closures and others that are already tied. Or else, fasten your tie in one of two ways. You can tie an ascot just like you would tie a necktie, in a Ruche or, for a more traditional Edwardian look, in a Jabot. An ascot can be tied in such a way that either its ends stick out, or are tucked under a collar.

To pin or not. What is the amount of times that a gentleman can wear nice jewelry but still look like a tough man? Not many! This is a good chance for you to sport a pin when wearing an ascot. A tie pin is really just a pin that has a decoration on the top and something to hold the pin in place at the bottom. Using this stick keeps the ascot in place so the two pieces of fabric don’t come apart. A Jabot-style tie will appear particularly attractive worn with a pin.

One’s attitude is the embodiment of one’s ideas and feelings about a given situation or topic. An ascot is one article of clothing that requires a certain amount of attitude to pull off. For an example of an attractive way to sport a cravat, see pictures of Jeremy Piven attending 2006’s Emmy show. It is not a problem when you’re already charming. To wear the ascot properly, just act as though you are wearing a regular tie so you don’t act like you are self-consciousness.

You are the first to hear this. Ascots will be a fashion accessory in demand for men. Actually, I’m not certain as to how they haven’t figured it out yet, save the possibility that Hugh Hefner has had an effect. At all costs avoid teaming up an ascot with a crimson smoking jacket and pajama type trousers…

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