Outstanding Victorian Hairstyles Ideas That Women Look More Beautiful16
Outstanding Victorian Hairstyles Ideas That Women Look More Beautiful16

42 Outstanding Victorian Hairstyles Ideas That Women Look More Beautiful

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The Victorian era was a fascinating period for fashion. It straddled the complexity of Edwardian looks while streamlining towards the 20th century. However, Victorian clothing, hairstyles, and makeup were not were not merely a time of transition. The period stands on its own, contributing a multitude of distinct looks in style history.

Victorian hairstyles, in particular, give a great insight into the everyday lives of 19th century people. This is especially true when we look at the evolving role of women in society.

For example, early Victorian ladies tended towards modesty, opting for hair parted in the middle and pulled back.Later in the century, a more modern look took hold. Bangs, or fringes, became commonplace, as well as flashier accessories such as ribbons and flowers.

Even with modern styling tools, there are some old school tricks that the Victorians used that haven’t changed. The use of hair rats (a bundle of false hair) can help plump up the sides of an otherwise flat hairdo.

Falls and switches (false locks of loose hair) can be used to add length and complexity to a simple updo. There is no shame is using “false” hair to add interest and authenticity to vintage look, as this is how the Victorians actually did it!

Today most Victorian hairstyles are only replicated for special occasions, such as weddings or proms. But it is actually quite easy to achieve these styles for day to day life. Basically, the first key to a female Victorian look is growing one’s hair as long as possible. After that, it’s all in the styling.

Certainly modern curling irons make waving and ringlets much simpler than Victorian hot irons. With the advancements in haircare products and tools, it’s much easier to duplicate these vintage styles while managing a healthy mane of hair!

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