Gorgeous Cat Makeup Ideas For Halloween Party That Will Amaze You35
Gorgeous Cat Makeup Ideas For Halloween Party That Will Amaze You35

38 Gorgeous Cat Makeup Ideas For Halloween Party That Will Amaze You

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All kids can enjoy getting a face painting of a cat, the only difference is the paint colors you choose. Little girls will want their cat face paint to be pretty and sparkly, and boys might want a more fierce looking cat. Begin the kitty face painting with an application of the main color over the center of the face. The face paint should extend above the eyebrows for pointed cats ears, and down in a mask shape at the lower edge.

Now use black face paint to draw on cat ears. You will also use the black paint to define the cat face at the sides and draw on some fur on the lower cheeks and between the cat ears. Add more color to the cheek area if your main kitty face paint color is white or pale. If you used a dark color for the first application of paint, add some white paint over the child’s top lip. You can then dot on some whisker holes with black paint on a fine brush.

To create a cat’s mouth, draw a black line from nose to mouth and another along the top lip. The finishing touch to this cat design is a generous application of face glitter.

For older girls or women, you can choose whether to have the full cat face paint effect or whether you prefer more minimal cat makeup. For the first option you would create your face painting cat design much the same as you would to paint the cat face on a child. If you want something simpler, use regular makeup to create big smoky eyes with thick black eyeliner. You can also paint on a cat nose and whiskers with the eyeliner. If you prefer, it’s possible to buy stick on cats whiskers from costume stores.

You don’t have to limit your kitty face painting to a domestic cat design. Why not consider a big cat such as a lion, tiger or leopard? If you are an experienced face painter, you could even try to copy the colors and markings of the family cat!

I hope you found these Halloween makeup ideas have got you started on your own face painting cat designs. Have fun this Halloween!

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