50 Modern Updo Ideas For Long Hair That Can Make You Look Beautiful

Glamorous events are often characterized by the presence of women decked in glittering gowns and carrying expensive purses, men who have taken pains to buy or rent a complete coat-and-tie suit, expensive food, and the general aura of elegance and style. Many women who have been attending these kinds of event have two things in common: one, they have their hair styled in an updo, and two, it makes them look good.

Sure, it may have been due to a professional stylist’s efforts, but in the end, you, as the woman who will wear that updo for the rest of the night, will decide if it suits you or not. Once he or she has styled your hair, you have the option of accepting it or having him or her do it all over again. Most of the time, you are satisfied. Did you ever wonder why? The stylist’s success is due to his or her experience, and the knowledge that different looks highlight different facial features.

One of the first questions you would have to answer when planning for your own updo is: “Will this style compliment my facial features?” Once you have answered that, the rest will come easier. Here is a quick guide about which updos compliment which facial shapes:

  • Oval shaped faces – This shape is said to be ideal because you can pull off any kind of updo you want. The very shape of your face can be considered an asset, so pull back all of your hair so that you can show off your features.
  • Round-shaped faces – You need to take the attention away from your cheeks and ears, so opt for an updo that takes the eye of the beholder all the way to your crown. You may want to try complex-looking updos that has your hair piled on top or near the top of your head.
  • Heart-shaped – This facial shape is characterized by a wider forehead and a pointed chin. To make them appear more balanced, you may want to try a half-updo in which some of your hair falls down your back so that you can draw attention downwards. You may also want to consider bangs.
  • Pear-shaped – Characterized by a small forehead and wider jaws, your goal is to achieve a balanced look by creating an updo that puts a little height on the top of your head. You can leave tendrils to frame your face so that the width of your jaw will appear to be reduced.
  • Square-shaped – Those with sharp jaw and brow lines are said to have square-shaped features. To soften these lines, an updo that requires curly hair is an excellent suggestion. You may also want to add tendrils or wisps around your face.

Work with your face shape to choose a Long Hair Updo that suits you and be sure to turn head as you enter the room.


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