49 Cool Daily Fashion Style Ideas From Gwen Stefani To Try Asap

While we can’t all be famous, we can at least try to look like famous people. That’s the basic theory behind the media’s obsession with celebrity fashion. Consumers frequently look to those in the spotlight to decide what clothing to buy and how to wear it, but how do celebrities decide what to wear? The answer to this question is actually quite complicated, and celebrity fashion is subject to a unique combination of factors. From wearing popular brand names to emphasizing their character look, celebrities go through a lot to decide what goes into their closet.

Celebrities and designer labels are tied together in an interdependent relationship. For the stars, wearing a well-known label can increase their image and appeal. Meanwhile, brand names receive marketing benefits from having popular celebrities wear their products. Big designers know how important celebrity support is. That’s why they frequently provide stars with new styles for free. For major events, like the Oscars or the Grammy’s, designers will even create custom dresses for high-profile stars. This helps showcase a fashion creator’s skill and keeps celebrities in the spotlight.

For some stars, wearing popular designs is not enough. They want to take their style to the next level by creating their own pieces. Thus, celebrity fashion lines, like those run by P. Diddy and Gwen Stefani, have been on the rise in recent years. The amount of direct input each celebrity has in their own line varies. However, these star-inspired lines are ultimately based on their creator’s personal style. So, when a costumer buys a pair of Beyonce’s House of Deron shoes or a t-shirt from Justin Timberlake’s William Rast line, he or she can truly feel like they are channeling a bit of celebrity style.

A unique appearance is vital to survival in the spotlight. Thus, regardless of whose create the clothing, a star’s goal is to put the pieces together to create a signature look. Whether it’s Paris Hilton trying to look preppy and feminine or Avril Lavigne portraying a female punk rocker, every star has an image they want to portray. Without this personal style, a celebrity could get lost in the Hollywood crowd.

Ultimately, celebrity style has turned into a competition. Media outlets make considerable profit by critiquing everything from a star’s pants to their earrings and hairstyle. Although many celebrities say they are above this paparazzi frenzy, few could truly deny its influence. No star wants to be bashed for their choice of shoes, and looking stylish keeps fans happy and can garner new attention. Thus, the media industry has now become one of the driving forces behind celebrity styles.

Despite potential criticism, stars can truly make any look work for them. With the right publicity, a celebrity can wear almost anything, and, as is frequently the case, virtually nothing. It’s all a matter of public perception. Subsequently, styles change rapidly to suit fans and media gurus. Keeping up with celebrity fashion can be nearly impossible, but that hasn’t stopped countless consumers from trying.


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