Inspiring Winter Style Ideas For Comfortable Days To Try29
Inspiring Winter Style Ideas For Comfortable Days To Try29

48 Inspiring Winter Style Ideas For Comfortable Days To Try

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Winters are all about putting your fashion sense and sensibility forward. As you have to layer clothes on; this season gives you countless opportunities to mix and style together different accessories, shoes and clothes. Yet there is one such style that was, is in and will always be in vogue. This style is common to both the sexes and looks great on either of them. We are talking about Full Sleeves T-shirts teamed up with your favorite winter jacket. This style is timeless, no matter what season year it is, this combination never fails.

It’s one of the most interesting ways to spruce up your style in those lazy winter days, a cute structured jacket as opposed to a frumpy hoodie paired with your favorite t-shirt underneath is sure to do two things at one time, gives you comfort as well as keeps you stylish.

For men and women alike the pairing options with jackets and t-shirts are endless. Style tips for men, get in your favorite pair of jeans, bring out your spunky graphic t-shirt and layer it with those rough fitted leather jackets or if you’re feeling a bit different; play up a little bit; wear your favorite jersey jacket with a plain t-shirt and washed denims. What, for those laid back Sundays, your favorite spunky jacket over your pajamas are definite comfort clothes for that much loved ‘off’ day.

Women can also be creative and funk it up and take a break from the ‘uniform’ dressing style of the winters. Pair up your designer graphic or slogan t-shirt with crisp well structured leather jacket over your favorite pair of skinny jeans with boots. Also, wear a statement making ring to add a bit of character in your outfit.

Second option would be to layer up your boyfriend’s jacket over a plain monotone t-shirt with straight fit jeans and converse and look all cute with woolen cap. To be sassier, wear your shortest skirt with a plain or graphic tee and on top layer it up fur or leather fitted jacket to show off your lady lumps. Accessorize with a bling cap, lots of funky bracelets and high heel boots with those comfortable woolen stockings.

T shirts and jackets are like a perfect marriage for those cold wintery days when all you like to do is be in your comfort zone and still look stylish. Hottest colors for jackets this season are camel and oxblood whereas t-shirts, whatever style they be, are always evergreen and in vogue.


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