Elegant Christmas Tattoos Ideas For Men That Will Blow Your Mind17
Elegant Christmas Tattoos Ideas For Men That Will Blow Your Mind17

37 Elegant Christmas Tattoos Ideas For Men That Will Blow Your Mind

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So you want to ink your body with creative, unique designs? Well, most men opt to wear a tattoo to symbolize a number of things – miraculous recovery from illness, the person who has a special place in his heart, or his deep feelings and beliefs in life. A tattoo is meant to be worn forever so it should not be a spur of the moment decision but needs preparation.

If you’re eyeing to have a cross tattoo, there are tons of great designs to make yours a one-of-a-kind creation. Of course, your choice should reflect who you are, your character and what you believe in. The cross largely represents faith and religion, but how do you see this spiritual figure?

Why Choose Cross Tattoos for Men

Cross tattoos for men are becoming more and more popular not only because it is one of the simplest tattoo designs to craft but because aside from its mysterious appeal, it could also convey an even greater meaning.

Did you know that these tattoo design has deeper classifications? Have you heard about Christian, Cross Moline, Celtic and Gothic cross tattoos? That’s right! There are wide ranging designs of cross tattoos for men out there!

Classification of Cross Tattoos for Men

Surely, a cross tattoo for Christians and catholic is a symbol of faith and holiness. Represent your faith, identity and express your commitment to God! If you do have a strong belief to what a cross encompasses, then this tattoo design will certainly remind you of all that every single day.

The Celtic tattoo design is quite different because it usually represents a person’s heritage and culture. For some tattoo enthusiasts, it is comparable to one’s ethnicity or an emblem of life and nature. This tattoo design is fun to work with because of the variety of stylish patterns that you can put together.

The Englishmen created the concept of Cross Moline. Remember the era of knights and fair maidens? This symbol was used for identification since the face is mostly covered with helmets and masks but remains to be popular until today. Watch a tournament and you would still see this symbol.

Lastly, the Gothic cross often symbolizes death, darkness, pain and suffering. This tattoo design exudes a feeling of dejection, like when you feel alone or when you think the whole world is against you. Or it could simply represent your different outlook in life, your individuality and unique ways of expressing yourself. The design usually includes chains and skulls.

Cross tattoos could be simple or intricate but the important thing is to achieve what you really want. It is a permanent ink on your body so better go for a high quality art. Do some researches on what design and style preferences you should take. Avoid ending up with an awful, generic artwork!


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