Delicate Black Nail Ideas For Women To Try Right Now22
Delicate Black Nail Ideas For Women To Try Right Now22

37 Delicate Black Nail Ideas For Women To Try Right Now

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If you know anything about the black widow spider, it is that she lures her victims in with her mesmerizing body and then goes in for the kill. That is what we are trying to do here, ladies. We need to lure those men by giving off a sexy vibe that will leave them begging for more.

One way to do that is with sexy, simple nail designs. Simple nail designs can be made sexy by choosing provocative colors, such as black and red. Such is the black widow affect.

Simple nail designs with sex appeal

Drawing from the black widow for inspiration, we are in search for simple nail designs that consist of a black background and red foreground. The solution is easy: vixen black nail polish with 2 diagonal lines on the surface. This invokes danger with just a touch of passion.

In order to achieve this look, start off by painting your nails with black nail polish. Next, use a nail art brush to draw 2 thin red stripes on each nail. These stripes should be diagonal and pointing in the direction away from your thumb. If you decide to, one stripe can be slightly shorter than the other.

That is the great thing about easy art designs; they are easy to manipulate. Let your nails dry before applying clear nail polish. This will ensure that the red nail polish does not mix with the black nail polish.

The clear nail polish adds taste to your simple nail designs and will transform you into a stylish, sex kitten on the go. Where are you going? You are going to the club, to a party, or right into the bedroom…grrr!


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