Stylish Wedding Reception Centerpieces Ideas For Your Inspiration28
Stylish Wedding Reception Centerpieces Ideas For Your Inspiration28

40 Stylish Wedding Reception Centerpieces Ideas For Your Inspiration

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As you plan the details of your wedding and reception, be sure you don’t underestimate the role your reception table centerpieces can play. These are likely not at the top of your list of the most important things to plan for your wedding, but don’t overlook this important detail in making your wedding reception a success and memorable for your guests. Certainly centerpieces play a relatively minor role in the grand scheme of your wedding. But don’t neglect the role they can play in dressing up the reception tables, adding flavor to the room, and framing or simply complementing your wedding theme.

Since your wedding table centerpieces are just one small piece of the puzzle in terms of the wedding and reception, make sure your reception table centerpieces enhance your d├ęcor or add to your theme, but do not attract negative attention or detract from other aspects of the wedding reception. By using your table centerpieces in this way, you are sure to add a touch of elegance to the overall ambiance of your room without creating a piece that distracts the attention of your guests away from the bride and groom.

So what are some rules of thumb to follow as you consider ideas for your wedding reception centerpieces? The first is to make sure you centerpiece idea matches the theme of your wedding and the ambiance you hope to create for the reception. Your goal is to choose an idea that adds to the overall theme and does not contradict it, creating confusion among guests.

A second suggestion is to choose something that is both eye-catching and elegant. Although the two are not mutually exclusive, it can be a challenge to create centerpieces that are at the same time attention-grabbing and elegant. It is important to distinguish between eye-catching centerpieces and those that are simply garish, gaudy, or flashy. Such centerpieces detract from the aura of the room and may leave guests wondering about that “odd centerpiece” when you’d rather they focus on the event and the happy couple. Your centerpieces should be classy, quiet, and dignified; they should not scream “look at me” as overly flashy centerpieces tend to do.

Some simple and practical suggestions include metal boats filled with mints or candy that not only add to the table, but provide a treat to guests as they wait. A single flower tube vase adds charm and elegance to any table, but does not dominate or overwhelm either the table or the other reception decorations. Water, pearls, with water added, allow you to add color in the form of perfectly rounded spheres and can be used in any clear container for a unique, glassy look. Any of these can also double as party favors to be taken by guests as keepsakes to remind them of your special event.


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