45 Delicate Dress Ideas For Work To Makes You Look Fashionable

On Mondays, while sticking to your basic white shirt, adding a little colour to your outfit is always fun. I love to wear a crop top over my shirt. The look is fresh, office appropriate and totally unexpected.

For days that make you want to dress ethnic, an A-line kurta and palazzos are your go to. A little bindi adds a lot of character. This look is super comfortable.

If you have a basic black dress, you can put it over a crisp white shirt and create a geek chic look.

The Simple and feminine look is quite easy to achieve. You can always opt to wear flowy dresses, tiny pieces of jewellery and look casual smart all the time. You can wear knee-length dresses or skirts and pair it with smart blazers. For a more girly feel, you can pair your midi skirt with a feminine blouse and a pretty, long necklace. You can put on a blazer for a more formal look. You can always wear heels, but ballet flats go well with them too.

The classic look is probably the most common and the easiest way to dress up for work. But it also has the highest probability of you looking boring unless you remember to always pair it with a statement piece.

The casual business look is actually quite easy to achieve and can never go out of vogue. You can opt to wear a feminine top or a silky blouse or structured tops and pair it with a blazer and a professional bag. You can mix and match and have fun with your accessories, shoes and bags depending on your job.

The Sophisticated office wear is easy to carry off, but it needs a little practice, so experiment away and have fun with clothes. The tip for this look is to start with the classy look as the base and then accessorise according to your personality and job.

Fridays are for fun and frolic, so you can put on your favourite shirt dress and cinch your waist with a belt. For a modest look, you can pair it with formal trousers and cuff them for an easy breezy feel.

Most of us don’t work on Saturdays, in case you do, I would suggest you keep some room for the party. You can wear am the ensemble that can safely take you from work to a fancy evening.

I hope these tips inspire you to get creative with your work wardrobe. You might have to take a little bit of time out of your schedule, but it is totally worth it!


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